Barbara’s work includes two and three-dimensional statements on canvas with the emphasis being on color and the relationship between colors. She works with mixed media such as oils and acrylics, as well as driftwood and found objects to create the relief achieved in her work.  Barbara’s work has evolved from a raw subjective expressionism to a more objective exploration of the surface, with expressionistic intent profoundly emanating as the soul of the piece.


“The nature paintings are a search for and celebration of the beauty of the earth. My goal is to create a fresh way of seeing everything that surrounds us, and that is a part of who we are as humans. I wish to bring the viewer into the scene so that they may enjoy and become a part of it. My hope is that he or she may look beyond the surface to recognize the acuteness of a deeper truth.”

“The series of women is representational of a search for autonomy.  Beyond the facade of a mask or her beauty, there is a soul in a particular stage of development in the struggle for self-actualization.”

EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Fine Arts:   Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY



May 2010:  SOLO EXHIBIT Haven, New York, NY
May-June 2009:  SOLO EXHIBIT Colony Café, Woodstock, NY
March 2009:  SOLO EXHIBIT, Coldwell Banker, Kingston, NY
August 2008: SOLO EXHIBIT, OCCC Gallery Loft, Newburgh, NY
May 2008:  Woodstock Artist’s Association  “Kathy’s Flowers”
  People’s Choice Award Woodstock, NY
February-March 2008: Backstage Studio Productions,
  Kingston,  NY
November 2008: Emerson Resort & Spa, Mt Tremper, NY
September 2007:  SOLO EXHIBIT, Backstage Productions
  Kingston, NY
May 2007:  Woodstock Artist’s Association, Woodstock, NY
April 2007:  Varga Gallery, Woodstock, NY
March 2007:  Varga Gallery, Woodstock, NY
January 2007:  SOLO EXHIBIT, Backstage Studio
  Productions Kingston, NY
December 2006:  Wachovia Bank, Kingston, NY

2000 – 2005

July 2005:  SOLO EXHIBIT Everything Goes Gallery New York, NY
July 2005:  Wilderstein Estate, Rhinebeck, NY
June 2005:  Wachovia bank, Kingston, NYNovember 2004:  Deising’s Bakery, Kingston, NY
July 2003:  Wilderstein Estate, Rhinebeck, NY
2000:  Woodstock Artist’s Association, Woodstock, NY

1990 – 1999

***June 1996:  Awarded Best in Show: Catskill Wetlands
  Scene 2,  Woodstock Artist’s Association,  Woodstock, NY

September 1992:  SOLO EXHIBIT SUNY Orange
  Newburgh Extension Center, Newburgh, NY
August 1992: Sunset Arts, Sunset Park Courthouse,
  Brooklyn, NY
May 1991:  Earth General, Brooklyn, NY SOLO EXHIBIT
April 1991:  Cousin john’s Café, Brooklyn, NY
December 1990:  Aunt Susie’s RestaurantBrooklyn, NY 
October 1990:  SOLO EXHIBIT The Hemisphere Club
  Time life Building, New York, NY


May 1989:  Ward Lawrence Gallery, New York, NY
March 1989:  26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY
February 1989:  Rex’s Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY
October 1988: Open Studio Tour, Brooklyn, NY
August 1988:  The Artistic Mile, Brooklyn, NY
May 1987:  La Municipalite de Auvers, Sur Oise
October 1986:  Open Studio Tour, Brooklyn, NY
September 1986:  26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY
August 1986:  Bush Terminal Loft 2 Brooklyn. NY
June 1986:  The Hempstead Green, Hempstead, NY
The Emily Lowe Gallery, Hempstead, NY The Inez Estate  Woodstock NY